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Whether it's pioneering Virtual Reality or developing cutting edge narratives, chaos-X is where experimental filmmaking is taken to new limits. Chaos Labs has produced numerous narratives in the form of everything from features to shorts to music videos.  Stay tuned for updates on all our VR projects here.

REVOKED: An American Dystopian Story



REVOKED, one of the world's first Interactive Cinematic VR Films, recently won the Best VR Documentary/Empathetic Film Award at the 2018 Cinequest VR and Film Festival! Congratulations to our talented crew and partners at Viro Media!


Unlike traditional VR films which lack interactivity and leaves the viewer at the mercy of the VR editor, REVOKED is an Interactive Cinematic VR Film, which allows the Viewer to not only immerse themselves into the film, but also interact with it. Thanks to the cutting edge Viro Media VR platform, Viewers can explore interactive hot spots throughout the environment, learn tantalizing backstories and clues, as well as affect the story's outcome by choosing multiple paths.


SYNOPSIS:Set in a not-too-distant American dystopian future, when the President revokes the green cards of all Iranian-born U.S. permanent residents, Jane Manesh must flee the United States or else face deportation to Iran. With the help of her childhood friend, Tessa Greene, the couple must find a way to Canada while evading the President's newly formed immigration secret police, the Bureau of Anti-Government Security or AGS.


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THE CITY AND THE HILL: An Experiment with VR



In 2015, both Facebook and YouTube enabled VR on their video platforms, allowing users to upload 360-degree videos and experience VR through their mobile apps. "The City and the Hill" is a VR demo produced by Chaos Labs. Stevo and Fran were able to create a compelling VR experience by taking panoramic still photos of various peaks along the Hollywood Hills with smart phones.


(VR experience requires a smart phone with the latest YouTube app. If on a computer, download the latest web browser for Chrome or Opera. Safari is not yet supported.)