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Welcome to the Chaos Labs, where innovation and creativity are fused to produce original and high-end work.  We are a content creation production company specializing in navigating the chaotic world of production and post production, and transforming creative concepts into commercials, social media content, branded content series, VR production, and beyond.


At the Chaos Labs, we believe in outside-the-box thinking. From mobile to second-screen to experential marketing, we are at the crossroads of an exciting new age of content creation, and we look forward to turning the chaos of it all into genius.


As Executive Producer at Chaos Labs, Fran has produced for major brands including Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Nestle. Her body of work ranges from branded content series, to music videos, and commercials.


Fran Ervin is also an award-winning Writer/Director who has received number of distinctions including Project Greenlight Finalist, Creative Screenwriting CS Open Winner, Southeast Playwright recipient, and alumni of the Terra Firma Emerging Writer's Program.


Previously, Fran has worked for a number of prestigious production companies including Zenith Entertainment (London), Cataland Productions (New York), Icon Productions (Los Angeles), Parkway Productions (Los Angeles) and E! Entertainment (Los Angeles).


Stevo Chang is an award-winning writer | director, with dozens of accolades to his credit, including an Academy Awards Shortlist for his film Fields of Mudan.


As a multi-disciplined Creative and Commercial Director with 10 years of experience in digital, mobile, TV, social, and film, he's directed commercials, interactive shoots, and social media content for brands such as Pepsi, Nissan, and Google. He's also collaborated with the likes of David Beckham and Sofia Vergara, and has even had his work showcased by the late Steve Jobs .


Stevo's previous experience as an Art Director and Integrated Content Creative Director at Chiat\Day has provided him with unique insights, making him an ideal collaborator throughout the production process