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The Chaos Labs is a cutting edge content production company for the modern social age. We're known for delivering high quality product for an expansive array of media outlets from broadcast to digital. We have been at the front lines of the digital and viral revolution as advertising shifts from the traditional to the unchartered realm of social media. Our company is always on the outlook for new talent. Currently, we looking to fill the following positions:

motion designer

Chaos Labs is always searching for exceptional Motion Designers to bring their technical and creative skills to our diverse slate of projects. Motion Designers should have a great sense of design, and be up-to-date with the latest motion graphics methods and techniques. Should be aware of editorial and Adobe post-production workflows. Our projects range from full on motion design animations, to character animation, to VFX artistry. Regardless of skill level, we'd be happy to hear from you!


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In today's content-hungry world, Chaos Labs is always in need of quick, narrative-based editors. Our Editors have solid technical prowess and a strong storytelling voice. Editors should also be aware of Adobe post-production workflows. If you got what it takes, we'd be happy to see your reel!







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